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High quality Country rap shirts have effortlessly become a popular fashion trend, representing the ever-evolving blend of two distinct genres. With their eye-catching designs and bold statements, these shirts perfectly encapsulate the fusion of country and rap music. From iconic artists like Lil Nas X to trailblazers such as Florida Georgia Line, the country rap movement has taken the music industry by storm, and now, it's making its mark on the fashion world as well. These shirts not only showcase the wearer's love for both genres but also act as a symbol of their embrace of diversity and the breaking down of barriers. Whether you're jamming to a catchy country rap anthem or simply want to make a fashion statement, country rap shirts offer a stylish and unique way to express your love for this harmonious fusion of musical styles. So, why not rock a country rap shirt and join the movement that is revolutionizing both music and fashion?Country Rap Shirts

 Early influences on the emergence of country rap as a distinct genre include talking blues like 'Big Bad John' (1961) by Jimmy Dean, 'A Boy Named Sue' (1969) by Johnny Cash, the 1971 cover of 'Hot Rod Lincoln' by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, 'Convoy' (1975) by C.W. McCall and 'Uneasy Rider' (1975) and 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' (1979), both by Charlie Daniels. Black artists' works that may have been influential in the genre's development include Jamaican ska artist Prince Buster's 'Texas Hold-Up' (1964), 'Lil Ole Country Boy' (1970) by Parliament, and 'Black Grass' (1972) by Bad Bascomb. Music journalist Chuck Eddy traces the genre's roots back to Woody Guthrie.Blowfly's single 'Blowfly's Rapp' (1980) drew on the influence of earlier country musicians like Charlie Daniels and C. W. McCall; NPR said the song is a 'Deliverance-style encounter with Ku Klux Klan-accredited truck drivers to light funkbacking'. Spin Magazine said Trickeration's 'Western Gangster Town' (1980) (released four years before Schoolly D's 'Gangster Boogie') is 'cowboy rap's Rosetta stone, and probably the first 'gangster' rap'. Other early examples of country rap are Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Square Dance Rap' (1985) where he raps in the voice of a 'white country boy'. The lyric 'From L.A. to Carolina / Drop them suckers in Aunt Jemima' in Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Buttermilk Biscuits' (1988) is a reference to what many consider a racial stereotype, trademarked after Chris L. Rutt heard a performance of the minstrel song 'Old Aunt Jemima' (1876).[3]The song 'Rappin' Duke' (1985) is a parody of western film star John Wayne: 'Two hundred punks, well, what you gonna do?/I got two six-shooters that'll see me through'. The song also contains a reference to 'Old Folks at Home' (1851). The genre-blending was not limited only to hip hop artists; country duo Bellamy Brothers released 'Country Rap' (1987) with lyrics about soul food, church, turnip greens and black-eyed peas.UGK became pioneers of the hardcore Southern rap style that emerged after the success of the Geto Boys, which they started to call 'country rap'. At the end of 'Let Me See It', Pimp C raps: 'This ain't no muthafuckin' hip-hop records, these country rap tunes', originally a response to Northern hip hop artists who had criticized Southern rap for not being 'real hip-hop' The name of the song 'Hay' (1996) by Crucial Conflict is a reference to marijuana.

What is country rap called?

Country rap (also called country hip hop and sometimes hick hop) is a genre of music that combines compositions of hip hop with various forms of country music.

Who is the king of country rap?

Mikel Knight The Country Rap King.

Best country rap songs

Kid Rock -Cowboy,

 Will Smith-Wild Wild West  ,

 Snoop Dogg-Superman , 

Tim McGraw -Over and Over,

Jason Aldean-Dirt Road Anthem

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